Some spoilers ahead.

Whether you’re an expert or a ‘noob’, you’ve got to admit that today’s video games are not just a way to escape or to unload your stress. They encompass such a rich, immersive experience that they have a deeper, long-lasting effect on our lives. There is a very simple reason for that. As a friend recently pointed out to me, how many hours do you spend with a video game protagonist, compared to a movie? A hundred?

It’s a sector that changes so fast that some games help you with your own struggles and perhaps, to find…

Spoilers ahead.

‘You’re welcome.’

These are the first words we see the hero of Living with yourself says to a fly he just smashed against the window.

This sets the tone for this great series, oscillating between laughter and despair (a good mix). The hilarious — yet insightful Living with Yourself series tackles one issue that everyone might face, whether it is in your late 20s, mid-30s, 40s: the infamous mid-life crisis. Here is how this vibrant series encompasses the trials and tribulations of self-reflection in a work environment marked by the constant pressure to perform and be positive.

The weight of work expectations: defined by your job


Some spoilers ahead.

“I want to know who I am, what’s going on… now that I’m young.”

This feels like something a young person would say today.

Well, this line was written in the 1930s. It is said by Cary Grant in one of my favourite comedies: Holiday. This film navigates the not-so-light journey of finding your path in life and making a choice between freedom and financial security, a few years after the Great Depression of 1929.

Here is why Holidays’ central question of understanding yourself to make the right choices still rings true for every young talent affected…

Why virtual yoga helped with the anxieties of staying home

As an introvert, I took the quarantine measures in France rather well. I thought that it would be the time to reflect on my life, read, rethink my habits. After all, why should I complain? I am part of the lucky ones. I don’t have symptoms yet, and I’m working from home when hospital personnel, firemen, doctors and many others are dealing with emergencies every day.

But after a few days, stuck in my apartment in Paris, I started to become restless. Much to my surprise, it only took 48 hours for me to become angsty and stressed out. …

How Kiki’s Delivery Service gave me a new outlook on my own creativity

One of Miyazaki’s finest movies about creativity.

This article contains spoilers.

Recently, 8 Miyazaki movies appeared on Netflix. And so, I found myself drawn again to their poetic universe, carefully composed dreamy landscapes, strong characters, cities belonging to another time, and unmistakable soundtrack. I savored every film once again like a delicious cake.

Just as the last time I watched it, Kiki’s Delivery Service had a long-lasting impact on me — much more so than other films, no matter how powerful they were. I still related a lot to the main character’s struggles, despite…

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